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Haja, The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly

West Africa’s vibrant colors and sounds come alive in this interactive musical storybook depicting the touching tale of a small bird who must face her biggest fear. 4 to 7 year olds will love adding the sounds of Haja’s heartbeat, wind and the rain on the mango leaves. A companion CD includes a djembe drum jam track, an audiobook of the story, and the instant classic song “Fly Haja Fly,” performed by author Julia Jordan Kamanda and students from J3Music Studios.

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Siku's Song

Climb the mountains of Peru and enter Siku’s world, a place where melodies drift through the hills and valleys. Sing along with Siku, a young alpaca who asserts her independence by singing and humming the songs in her heart. This storybook helps children explore the musical element of “melody”. A companion CD includes a pan flute party jam track, an audiobook of the story, and easy-to-sing “In My Heart (There Is a Song),” written and performed by Julia Jordan Kamanda and her students.

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